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BBR Filtration Ltd.

BRR applies patented filtration deodorisation technology and exercises sole distributorship rights with geographical exclusivity. Our technology can be adapted to address specific odour, VOC, and HAP problems, using sustainable green methods to process industrial scale volumes of effluent. For example, our technology can remove over 99% of hydrogen sulphide from wastewater streams, as well as mercaptans and aldehydes. Our patented reactor provides a highly efficient and cost effective solution that can be scaled from small to very large process streams.

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Verditek Solar Italy

Our Verditek Solar Italy subsidiary manufactures light weight solar modules which offer several innovations including, interconnectivity of individual PV cells, increased flexibility, and are particularly light weight compared to conventional PV modules. These properties open up markets that otherwise cannot consider solar energy to address their power requirements. The business will generate revenues from the sale of ‘solar enhanced’ PV products such as roof tiles and facades. Our start-up capacity comprises two solar PV production lines with a total manufacturing capacity of 50MWp of solar panels per annum.

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Westec Environmental Solutions, LLC

Many important industrial processes are governed by the effectiveness of mixing a gas with a liquid in order to bring about a separation or reaction of chemicals. The WES gas-liquid contactor does this significantly more efficiently than conventional reactors, and is particularly effective when processes are influenced by precipitation. An extremely important example is that of Carbon Capture where typical flue gas streams (e.g. electricity generation, cement manufacture) must by treated to prevent carbon dioxide from entering the atmosphere. Another huge application is the treatment of natural gas (commonly contaminated with 2-5% of H2S) to meet sales gas requirements ( <25 ppm). WES has developed a novel multiphase contacting process using a proprietary froth generator that can dramatically enhance mass transfer in gas/liquid absorption systems. We believe the reduction in capital costs, as well as operational burden, will revolutionize these markets, making access to the technology affordable to industry and protecting our planet.

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