Verditek and Green Unit Partnership

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Verditek and Green Unit ( have signed an agreement to integrate our lightweight and flexible solar technology into the curved roof of their sustainable, modular ARC buildings.

The ARC buildings are a low-carbon superbly insulated building that will now offer clients the option of a solar roof which enables the buildings to be sited in locations where infrastructure and grid connections are limited. Verditek panels generate the same amount of power as conventional rigid panels and will include battery storage and a bio-generator so that the building will continue to be powered even in cloudy conditions.

Dr Geoff Nesbitt, CEO of Verditek said Verditek's main purpose is to make sustainable energy generation possible anywhere in the world, so we're thrilled to be working with Green Unit and offer their clients the opportunity to embrace sustainable energy to power their buildings. Our low-profile panels provide a uniquely elegant sustainable power option for customers when integrated into the beautiful ARC roof. We look forward to helping Green Unit increase the options available to their customers.

Jonathan Finnerty, MD of Green Unit said Partnering with Verditek is a very exciting step for Green Unit and we're looking forward to offering our clients a fully integrated, off-grid modular building. Our companies share an ethos around sustainability and design and strive to offer a building solution to clients that meets the highest form and functional standards. This also marks an important step for Green Unit with what we plan for the first of many Research and Development trials out of our new six acre Oxfordshire Science Vale site as we continue to partner with other green-tech companies from the built environment.

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