Verditek and EAV Cargo Agreement

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Verditek and Electric Assisted Vehicles Limited have signed an agreement to integrate our lightweight low-profile solar technology into the roof of their zero-emission lightweight commercial vehicles. Our PV panels will be integrated into the EAV electrical system to extend the range of the EAV vehicle. Upon successful completion of the three-month trial our companies will agree further collaboration to create renewable zero-emission transport solutions.

Verditek will create a custom solar panel to match the surface area available on the vehicle to maximise power generation. The solar panel will be integrated onto the roof and the vehicle battery at the EAV Cargo manufacturing facility in Oxfordshire.

Verditek Solar is the clean technology company behind the development and production of robust lightweight low-profile solar panels that can fit almost anywhere. Being ten times lighter and ten times thinner than conventional panels, our solar solutions can harvest renewable energy from surfaces previously never considered suitable to solar power.

Electric Assisted Vehicles Limited ( is a new generation vehicle design, engineering and manufacturing company in the rapidly growing zero-emissions vehicles industry. EAV vehicles want to make transport as environmentally friendly as possible with no loss of efficiency or capability to businesses. Based on current eBike regulations, EAV vehicles have been 'engineered down from a van, not up from a bicycle' to produce uniquely dedicated lightweight commercial vehicles. EAV reduces the impact vehicles have on our collective carbon footprint and help decrease pollution and city traffic congestion - especially with the huge increase in online sales and deliveries.

Geoff Nesbitt CEO of Verditek said: I am excited to be partnering with EAV vehicles where I believe we can make a significant contribution to their stunning commercial vehicles. Our companies are aligned on the same principles of zero emissions, our reduction of carbon footprint, and eliminating particulate pollution and improving air quality of urban environments. Our economies require goods and services to function and the EAV solution delivers a sustainable manner to do just that. As a keen cyclist I look forward to piloting an EAV vehicle, sporting an increased range and application from our solar technology!

Adam Barmby, EAV Founder and CEO said: We are really excited about our partnership with Verditek. The ability to increase our range by up to 30% through a highly efficient, roof mounted solar panel system will work incredibly well with our already energy efficient transport solution. We’re eager to explore the potential of our vehicles into remote locations by using Verditek solar, ultra-low environmental impact mobility products will make a huge difference without literally costing the earth!