Transforming Solar

Our vision is to continue to create innovative technology solutions that our clients dearly want to buy and use, to make their businesses sustainable and profitable. We strive every day to make the world a better, cleaner, place for generations to come.


Reduced weight: 2.5 Kg/m2 – 7 times less than traditional PV module of same size.


Increased efficiency and longevity by reducing the temperature of PV module induced by the internal resistance.


The module bends up to 35% using standard 160µ thick crystalline cells due to the use of polymer as the replacement for glass.


Nanowires cell surface provides the electrical conductivity and physical support eliminating the need for welding.


The module will perform even when it is shaded by trees and buildings or partially covered by leaves, dirt or snow.


Our solar panels can be assembled and dismantled with ease. They can be installed using simple clamps, harnesses or industrial adhesives, providing solar energy on the move.


Our solar panels are ultralightweight. We have integrated high-efficiency monocrystalline solar cells into a lightweight polymer laminate panel. They are 10 times lighter than conventional solar panels whilst harvesting the same amount of power.

Low profile

Our technology is less than 3mm thick and can be applied to a surface to minimize or eliminate wind load. We work where conventional PV cannot.

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